Ameline Haras 5-Seater

Ameline Haras 5-Seater

£64,500 + VAT ONO

Gross Vehicle Weight3.5 tonne (3500kgs)
Gearbox6-speed Manual
Year of Manufacture2024
Paint ColourYour colour
RampSide with top doors
PartitionsThree-quarter with skirt on fully adjustable sliding track
MileageDelivery miles only

With 5-seat belted seats this is perfect for family and team outings. This is a very well finished horsebox which can match competitors on every level. The long stalls with no breast bar is the ultimate in equine safety and caged doors give access to the tack area. Choice of paintwork and graphics available.

The real point not to be missed is the value for money this box offers. At £64,500.00 plus VAT there is no need to spend more on a quality European style box.

We always appreciate quality work especially in vehicle design and engineering so when Ameline approached us to be UK sole distributor for them we were interested to have a look at their product.

Firstly we looked at their website to see what type of horseboxes they build and it soon became clear that their product could stand comparison with any European coachbuilder be it Theault, MTM, Stephex or anyone else.


After being suitably impressed we decided we needed to see their set up and products so off we went to Spain. The quality of the build was impressive and showed the 25 years of experience they had. We were particularly impressed with their in house paint facilities and the time taken to give a fully detailed finish.

We certainly felt that there was scope for their horseboxes, with European styling and features, to complement our own range. To us the Haras 5-seat model is the model best suited to the UK market with its elegant bench seating which is fully approved under European Whole Vehicle Type Approval with seatbelts all round. The horse area is long stall which we have always considered the safest way to travel horses.

We believe that the Ameline will open up markets to us for individual riders who are looking for a quality 3.5 tonne horsebox. At £64,500 plus vat this competitively priced against other 5-seat horseboxes of this type. We constantly have stock here and on order so you can have a bespoke product.

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