Do you have breakdown cover in place? If so, is the information easy to find when you are travelling?

If you are unfortunate to breakdown, we suggest you carry a basic breakdown kit, for example:

  • A torch
  • emergency life hammer with seat belt cutter
  • hi viz jacket/tabard
  • powder fire extinguisher to British Standards
  • warning triangle,
  • jump cables and first aid kits for humans and your equids.

If you must travel during the winter months, be prepared, and carry. Emergency foil blanket, snow shovel and thermal gloves and an extra rug for each equid you carry.

Useful contact numbers if you break down

In the event of an emergency, dial 999 

  • National Highways: 0300 123 5000
  • Traffic Scotland: 0800 028 1414
  • Traffic Wales: 0300 123 1213 or 999
  • Northern Ireland: 999


  • If towing a trailer – check your vehicle insurance includes recovery of a trailer with horses on-board. Many standard policies do not include trailer or livestock recovery. Some providers have horse trailer assistance and equine recovery available as an add-on.
  • Have your breakdown policy easily available. Know who to call and your policy number for recovery.
  • Know what tyres are on your vehicle and the numbers on them.
  • Plan your route – know where safe stopping places are. Remember – go left if there is nowhere to pull in.
  • Check weather conditions before you travel as this may impact your vehicle and travelling conditions.
  • Check the route before you load to check for any incidents along your route.
  • Carry emergency contacts – next of kin and vets.
  • Download the ‘What3Words App’. It helps identify your location to a 3m-square location, enabling emergency services and recovery companies to find your exact location.
  • When on the motorway or major A road, do not unload your horse unless the police or agencies have granted permission.