Winter horsebox maintenance

You may not use your horsebox or trailer as much over the winter, but avoid the temptation to park it and forget about it. Poor horsebox maintenance can cause a slew of problems come spring, as well as making winter journeys more difficult.

Make sure…

  • Coolant levels are topped up to avoid issues in a freeze
  • There’s at least a quarter of a tank of fuel, in case of an emergency
  • The tread depth of tyres is at least 3mm
  • Tyre pressures are adequate
  • All lights are clean and in good working order
  • The battery has been checked and serviced if needed, particularly if it’s more than five years old

The horse area has been fully cleaned out – leaving droppings or wet bedding in your horsebox will damage the floor

If your horsebox has a living area, there are a few special considerations you must take into account. You should…

  • Drain water and waste tanks, and water heaters
  • Empty the toilet tank
  • Turn gas bottles off
  • Charge the batteries
  • Clean out food cupboards and refrigerators to avoid attracting vermin