Ameline Haras

AML Horsebox

The Horse box range is a van for 2 horses made by Carrosserie AMELINE.

Its main strength is the presence of two swing doors, making iteasy to carry a heavy, bulkytrunk from the deck to the tack room without lifting it.

Why Should You Choose the AML Haras?

Are you wondering why you should consider buying this horsebox? Consider the reasons below:

  • Versatile Solution

The Haras is a specially designed 2 horse truck. One unique feature is its compatibility with horse trailers. So, it allows you to increase your transport capacity to 2500kg. It is an ideal option for horse owners looking for an efficient and versatile transportation solution.

  • Luxurious Interior

The interior is well-equipped with a sophisticated design featuring numerous curved lines. It includes a modern climate control system for the comfort of horses and the driver. You will also find features such as an integrated navigation system, a radio with an MP4 player, and more. The advanced chassis equipment places the Haras among the top tier of horsetrucks for 2 horses.

  • High Level of Safety

This horse truck for carrying two horses has been designed with a focus on safety. In particular, the chest bar has a quick-release mechanism. It can be unlocked in an emergency with just a pen. Additionally, surveillance cameras are a fascinating feature. They allow you to constantly track the movements and behavior of your horses. If you are buying this truck 2 horses, you can quit worrying about the safety of transportation.

  • Maximum Comfort

The horsebox is crafted for comfort on extended journeys. It comes fully stocked with amenities like an anti-theft system and a plush bench seat with double seating. Its interior boasts a comfortable and functional driver’s seat.

The spacious horse area is thoughtfully equipped for a royal ride for both you and your companions. It is one of the best horseboxes for 2 horses with a stainless steel stall. You will also find a hammered rubber floor and a sliding side panel in the horse section. This part also contains a deck strap and a pivoting full-head divider.

  • Quiet Atmosphere for Your Horses

Do you want your horses to travel comfortably without the noise of engines? If so, the Haras 2 horse box is what you need. It offers a serene driving experience, virtually eliminating engine and external noise.

  • High Durability

The truck 2 horses made from high-quality materials and construction ensure long-lasting performance. Its low maintenance requirements make it effortless to own and operate.

The horse box boasts a sleek, sporty design that commands attention. Its versatility allows for efficient transportation of both horse and rider, while its advanced safety features ensure the well-being of all occupants. It is a stylish and reliable choice that makes you stand out in style and prioritize protection.